(Updated)15+ Best FireStick Apps 2022 [Free Movies,TV Shows]

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(Updated)15+ Best FireStick Apps 2022 [Free Movies,TV Shows]
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Looking For Best FireStick Apps? If yes then you are in the right place, FireStick is a USB-shaped device by Amazon which can turn any TV with just an HDMI port into a smart TV. It is a video streaming device by Amazon. The primary purpose of this Firestick is to access 1000s of streaming channels available on the internet.

This Fire Stick comes with a remote control where you can send voice commands to access the features of the FireStick. There are two FireSticks models available to buy. One is the 4K version FireStick, and the other is the standard version which can deliver you 1080p video.

Best 15 FireStick Apps (Updated List) 2022

To watch your favorite movie shows and videos, you need some of the apps added to the FireStick. But since the memory of your TV and the FireStick is limited, you need to pick the correct apps that are required to be installed. Here we have categorized the apps based on their usage.

  1. Movie and TV show Apps
  2. Music Apps
  3. Safety Apps
  4. News Apps
  5. Utility Apps

1.Best FireStick Apps to Watch Movies And TV Shows

Most of the users buy these FireSticks to watch free movies and TV shows in good quality. That’s why there are too many apps for FireStick that streams free movies and TV shows. Of course, there are paid ones too, but still, people love free stuff. Who doesn’t? Here I have listed some of the most popular apps used by people to watch movies using the FireStick.

Kodi – Free App

FireStick Kodi

Kodi is one of the most popular applications used to watch movies and TV shows in very high quality. The straightforward interface is the most crucial feature of Kodi. You can download the App to FireStick and start watching the movies.

You can also create a playlist in Kodi, which you can use later to watch movies based on the categories. Also, don’t forget that this App is illegal because of the free streaming it provides for premium movies. So it is advised to use any best VPN service for this purpose.

Titanium TV – Free App

FireStick Titanium TV

Just like Kodi, the Titanium TV app is one of the best free apps for watching movies from all over the world. Titanium TV might look just like the clone of the Terrarium TV. Also, it provides the same features as the Terrarium TV. The most important one to note with this App is the range of catalog.

All the movies are added to the database and are sorted based on the language, region, and genre. You can choose and watch movies from your favorite genre.

Cinema APK – Free App

Cinema APK For FireStick

While talking about the apps used to watch, stream and download movies, we cannot exclude the Cinema APK app. This App is top-rated among Android users. The uniqueness of this app from the other apps is that this App doesn’t host any content of its own. It takes the streaming links from other sources to use them in the App.

You can use the App to get the streaming links for almost any movie and TV show in any language. The App is very lightweight and supports navigation through the remote.

Netflix – Paid App

Netflix Mod Apk

Not everyone might look for free stuff. Some look out for premium content too. If you like to watch premium content by paying for the App, then here is the best one for you Netflix. Netflix has tons of movie shows and TV shows sorted adequately in the episode-wise the correct order.

Also, if you already have a subscription to Netflix, you can download the App in the FireStick, and you can enjoy watching the movie from FireStick. Netflix is adding new content every day, and it is worth having a subscription on your own.

Netflix Cookies (100% Working)
If you are looking for Free Netflix Cookies, Here we bring you Netflix Cookies Which Allows You To Access Netflix Original Series For Free Of Cost.

Discovery – Paid App

Discovery app

If you are a Science lover, then by this, you must have started looking for an app that streams some documentaries and exciting interviews with Science people. Here in the FireStick, you can download the Discovery app and start watching the documentaries. But this is a paid app, and you need to pay the subscription to start watching.

2.Best FireStick Apps To Hear Music

Not only video streaming apps, but this FireStick App contain apps to stream music. Here are some of the apps where you can stream some high-quality music.

Spotify – Free App


Spotify is the best music app in the world. You can stream all the new songs on Spotify. The catalog of Spotify has millions of songs, and thousands of songs are added daily to the list. You can download the App from the play store. Once downloaded, you need to log in to the Spotify app with your account.

If you previously have an account and saved playlists, then you can retrieve them here. Else create a new account and start hearing the songs.

How To Change Spotify Username? (Working Steps)
If you are looking To Change Spotify, Here we bring you Guide On How To Change Spotify Username?

2.YouTube Music – Paid App

YouTube Music

YouTube has a separate app for Music, and it is YouTube Music. The Spotify app is free to stream but not the YouTube music app. It would help if you were a premium YouTube member to use the App. Just like Spotify the YouTube music also has millions of songs in all languages.

You can also hear a song or a video without watching the video. You can mute the video to save the data.

3.Best Apps For Security

Most of the apps in the FireSticks are not legal to use. Since they deliver video streaming links without the owner’s consent, some of the movies are streamed illegally by the apps. So it would help if you were careful when streaming content like this. So it is essential to use a VPN app to stream the content.



ExpressVPN is used to encrypt the incoming and outgoing internet data to prevent the exposure of your IP address to all the eavesdroppers. You need to secure your data to protect yourself from online theft and the misuse of the data. Also, using a VPN will never let others track your data across all the websites you visit.

If you are more concerned about privacy, then you need to use a VPN like ExpressVPN for the sole purpose of privacy and safety.

4.Best FireStick Apps To Watch News

News channels are one of the ways to get important News instantly. Using the News streaming apps in FireStick, you can watch the News and get the information immediately. Not only the regional News but also the News from all the countries and in all the languages. Here I have added some of the apps that are very popular among the people for watching the News.

BBC News – Paid App

BBC News

BBC is one of the well-known news channels where you can almost get any news instantly. BBC provides you with the correct and accurate News. But to get the best experience, you need to pay for the App. This App is not free since you need to pay for the subscription.

But once you subscribe, you can watch News without any ads. This App is a must-have app if you are really into watching the News every day.

Fox Now – Free App

Fox Now

Fox Now is an entertainment channel that will provide you with the News for free. This channel broadcasts News, sports, and much more. This App lets you watch the News for free. Also, if you have the FireStick 4k and Fire OS, you can get this App for free since the free version only supports this configuration.

If you don’t have the above configuration, then you can install the paid one.

5.Some Best FireStick Utility Apps

Along with the above apps, here are some utility apps that you can use along with the other useful apps. Here’s the list:

Chrome Browser – Free App

Chrome Browser

It is one of the necessary apps to have on your FireStick device. Sometimes you may need to browse the web to get any data, or sometimes you need to download the apps directly from their official website. In such cases, the browser might be helpful. You can install any browser you like.

But as we know, Chrome is one of the fastest and free browsers. You can install it from Playstore directly.

VLC Media Player – Free App

VLC Media Player

To play the downloaded videos, you need to have a video player handy. Most of the free streaming sites will let you download the movie to watch later. After you have downloaded it, you can play the videos with the VLC app. You can open the App and select the video to play, or you can directly open the video file, and it will start playing in the VLC once you have installed it.

Final Words

Hope you got a list of the best FireStick apps that are super useful for installing in your FireStick devices. Most of the apps mentioned here are free to use. But the many are paid ones.

Also, if you have some app names to share, please enter them in the comments below. We will add them to the list.

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